Large Radio Network

Our recently launched web-based application, Rosetta, is the portal to all of GES’ key products. Make the most of Rosetta with all the key functions:

Cloud-based, customer-focused sales, with full pricing control and approvals. Use public audience data to provide customer guarantees. View realtime availability to ensure orders can be taken immediately.

Our cloud-based scheduling system is the only radio scheduler to ensure customer guarantees are honoured. Sales orders can be automatically loaded. Make best use of your airtime inventory to maximise revenue.

Full account management and sales ledger. Manage payments and credit control.

Drill down into station and show performance, understand your audiences better, and take a look at the competition.

Full account management and sales ledger.

Revenue reports by agency, client, user, station, etc. Plus sales exec booking and activity summaries. Manage payments and credit control.

Manage your customer deals; set up rates, discounts and premiums for your customers and allow the system to automatically apply them to each campaign assigned to that customer.

Save money on postage by emailing invoices with our eBilling software.  Manage payments and credit control.

GES has integrated with Signable to enable electronic sign-off of campaign bookings.

Enter a budget, target OTH, or Reach %, the number of weeks the plan should run, spot ratio and spot lengths, then sit back and let the optimiser access inventory, pricing, RAJAR and availability to do the plan for you.

Manage a customer’s whole campaign, including Airtime, Sponsorship, Promotions, and Off-Air costs, all from one central location.

Customer information all in one place. Available in the Rosetta CRM function is the ability to log customer interactions, track the sales process from potential to booking, review sales targets, etc.

Multiple approval stages, including management and credit confirmation. Special customer approval stage function. Has the ability to add escalation for holidays and absence.

Enable links into 3rd party sales operations such as Entertainment News, Network Drive and Newslink.

At GES we pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions to our customers, so don’t despair if what you’re after isn’t listed. Recently we’ve built inventory analysers, ODS systems, Billing Plans and many bespoke reports.