Independent Radio Station (non RAJARed)

For more than two decades radio stations have been using our Broadnet product to traffic their inventory. Whilst developing the product our aim has always been to keep to its roots as an easy to use, robust trafficking system.

The locally hosted scheduling tool ensures customer guarantees are honoured. Sales orders can be automatically loaded. Make best use of your airtime inventory to maximise revenue.

Enable links into 3rd party sales operations such as Entertainment News, Network Drive and Newslink.

Regular database backups which can help get your system back up and running should the worst happen.

Run invoices and statements straight from your scheduling system.

At a touch of a button see where the gaps in your station’s availability are and then see how best they can be filled.

For National Advertising campaigns GES can collect your JET return files and deliver them through to JET.

GES’ standalone planning tool, with access to audience data, enables customers to plot campaigns and see how they perform, providing schedules which show Reach, Reach % of TSA, Frequency (OTH), Cost Per Thousand (CPT), etc.

Drill down into station and show performance, understand your audiences better, and take a look at the competition.