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Customer information all in one place. Available in the Rosetta CRM function is the ability to log customer interactions, track the sales process from potential to booking, review sales targets, etc.

Sitting within our Rosetta cloud-based suite… GES is in the early stages of developing a fully-functioning CRM system which is tailored to the commercial radio marketplace. If you’re interested in being a launch partner, why not get in touch?



GES has been enabling radio stations to sell inventory since 1997 and the sales functionality is the bedrock of both our PlanIt and Rosetta tools.

Online and mobile planning tool providing radio stations with access to their live availability when linked in with Rosetta Traffic. Email campaigns to customers and receive electronic sign-off via Signable. Access all the latest RAJAR data via the GES Cube.

Enter a budget, target OTH, or Reach %, the number of weeks the plan should run, spot ratio and spot lengths, then sit back and let the optimiser access inventory, pricing, RAJAR and availability to do the plan for you. Launching in 2018.

GES’ standalone planning tool, with access to audience data, enables customers to plot campaigns and see how they perform, providing schedules which show Reach, Reach % of TSA, Frequency (OTH), Cost Per Thousand (CPT), etc.



Developed over 20 years, our scheduling tools are used across the radio industry.

Rosetta Scheduler works with other Rosetta modules to display live, on-demand, station availability and enables additional features such as the Rosetta Optimiser.

A scheduling tool built with the independent radio station in mind.

Save time by pulling across schedules from GTN seamlessly without the need for rekeying.

At the touch of a button see where the gaps in your station’s availability are and then see how best they can be filled.

For National Advertising campaigns GES can collect your JET return files and deliver them through to JET.



GES has worked with commercial radio stations for over 20 years to develop an accounts function that works for the needs of the industry.

Full account management and sales ledger. Manage payments and credit control.

Save money on postage by emailing invoices with our eBilling software.  Manage payments and credit control.

GES has integrated with Signable to enable electronic sign-off of campaign bookings.

Automate your billing plans and let the system do the work for you.

Run invoices and statements straight from your scheduling system.


Workflow Tools

Improve and moderate the workflow of your team by setting up clear progression paths from brief to billing.

Multiple approval stages including management and credit confirmation. Special customer approval stage function. Has the ability to add escalation for holidays and absence.


Analysis Tools

“Knowledge is Power” - the GES analysis tools provide the user with the opportunity to dig deeper into the data that the radio stations trade on, as well as being able to access internal station data.

Full account management and sales ledger. Revenue reports by agency, client, user, station, etc. Plus sales exec booking and activity summaries. Manage payments and credit control.

Cloud-based analyser with automatic updates allows you to drill down into station and show performance, understand audiences better, and take a look at the competition.

Locally hosted analyser with the ability to drill down into station and show performance, understand your audiences better, and take a look at the competition.