GES Radio Intelligence is the ad-tech company behind the products
which enable the UK Radio Industry to connect their audiences with ads.

We like to think of GES as a small but perfectly formed team. From coders and tech geniuses, through to our dedicated support staff and account management team, we all have one thing in common – a passion for what we do.

Our focus, over the last two decades, has always been on innovation whilst listening to customers’ needs and wants.

“We are proud to be a business focused on the radio industry – indeed, the power of radio is often understated. I consider it to be the most unique and engaging form of all broadcast media, because commercial radio is the only advertising platform that cannot be circumvented. Recorded TV advertising can be skipped and the use of ad blockers for the Internet is increasingly common, but radio can be listened to while partaking in other activities.”

Proud to have achievedParliamentary recognition

After an approach by Her Majesty’s Government, GES has been included in the Technology Edition of the 2017 Parliamentary Review. It is a real honour for GES to be recognised in this way and we are proud to be representing the whole of the UK Radio Industry.

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